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The suggested pripose is to fix anomalies in the graphic designer of the IDE. Believe me, these anomalies are nothing compared to the damage left in your windows registry when VB6. EXE is run in compatibility mode. When VB6. Unfortunately, when VB6. It leaves VBKeySave5 there, which causes your IDE to take much longer during subsequent starts of the IDE, and it trashes your registry, eventually rendering your application not-runnable on your machine.

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HI Wagner Thanks a lot. I was supporting some legacy app for a client and wasted a shit load of time on compiling and running. Its takes sooo much time.. Thanks a ton!

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I used the install a few months back and it worked perfect. I just tried to install on a second machine and my end point protection found many Trojan malware risks. I am not sure if these are false positives, but I am now scanning my first machine.

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I notice a comment by CoachBlair Wagner about compatibility mode being dangerous to the registry. Yet there are supposedly people who have used this. Anybody else seen this problem? I just installed and have only compiled one program which i installed on another machine. Looks OK so far. After I took ownership of that registry key and gave my user full control keeping the installer running in the process , it worked.

I have since exit it. Can I still locate this registry location? Good article. I wonder if my working instance of VB6 will survive in-place upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10? This works with VBA in Office as well, which is great for those who occasionally need to dip into that area.

Creating user defined ActiveX control using Visual Basic 6.0

Worked perfectly. This did the trick, and I have an uninstall option to boot. I installed VB6 enterprise regularly on Windows Virtual Machine.

Then I copied the contents of XP: c:program filesmicrosoft visual studio over W c:program files x86 microsoft visual studio. No changes to registry. SP6 shows on splash screen.

Download Essential Visual Basic 50 Fast Includes Activex Control Development 1997

Everything works fine. Same worked for me. Just had two problems. Installation froze at the end. I ignored. Automation error. Ran as admin and it disappeared. Unfortunately The latest version of this tool has some issues for some people, myself included. I was very pleased to find this solution because we developed in the a quite complex program in VB6. It is planned to replace it within the next 3 or 4 years. So I was happy to see that it is not necessary to Keep my XP alive.

Unfortunately the installation program from the nuke vbcorner does not run on none of my computers all Windows 10, some Home Edition, some pro, on all machines all updates driven. All installation are with german language. I posted it at vbcorner, I am the third with the same Problem. No answer since See below the screenshots. Does anyone have experience?

Read Essential Visual Basic Fast : Includes Activex Control Development

Thank you, Squirrl. It seems to me that this installer is not necessary at all. What can I do? I seem to be able to create them the hard-way. As in an text-editor. But not with the IDE. I have successfully done the installation above and used it to create several new programs running on Win I recently tried to create a user control, but this did not work.

The control was not visible on the browser, gave a warning when trying to register it, and the OCX could not be added to a project although it did appear in the controls list. Has anyone got a work around for this??? As detailed in this document, the core Visual Basic 6. HUGE difference between supporting the runtime that vb programs require to run, and supporting the IDE in a version of Windows that is some 20 years older than the development tool.

For the IDE, we are on our own. I tried running the 4. Am ordering vb6 from ebay.

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  8. But I need to install silently on win Please suggest. Anyone else have that problem? I am using Visual basic professional version and removed all the residual files before installing and started the same procedure and still getting these errors. I am trying these installers for installing visual basic. I am using Visual Basic 6 Professional edition. We need visual basic to use our visual basic version which is 20 years old.

    I am getting the following error when I tried to copy the files of service pack. I proceeded with installing with installer 4 the vb professional version software ignoring this error and I got an error i. Please close the program. I tried with installer 5. Hi Srikumar, you may have solved this by now 7 months later , I had a similar but not identical problem. What is the installation folder name you are using? If your Root directory name has a space in it then the installation will crash, the installation folder name must be continuous characters.

    Also are you running as administrator? I got that wrong too first time. Thanks a lot!. I got it installed. I did it selectively removing some features as shown in this blog. The link on the page just points to the self same page. Then it will say to register: do it, login and try again. And working like a charm! You have a friend in Thailand. Let me know if you are coming in this area. I will take you around, buy you good dinner. Dan Brust, you and Giorgio Brausi are legends thank you.

    I followed your instructions and it is all working perfectly thank you. The only areas where I had hurdles to clear were: my first installation attempt failed — the VB6 installation was looking for a file FrmMain2. The problem was that my installation folder name had a space in it — the installation will only work if the installation folder name is a continuous set of characters without spaces.

    This seems to be safe, but somewhere on your blog? Thanks once again, a great relief to have VB6 working in Windows Can you please tell me what you did to solve the error.