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She does not assume more power than she has a right to, but is simply certain that her orders are being followed. She also, like many other women in the series, believes men to be foolish or blunt. She can be a bully or try to manipulate others with little to no hesitation when in pursuit of advancement of her goals.

One aspect of her personality developed throughout the series is her similarities to Aes Sedai in nature, despite not having been nurtured in the White Tower.

She begins to gain skill in manipulation and gains a view that things must be as she sees them and assumes things that aren't always true. She puts a lot of faith in the White Tower, believing it is, like most Aes Sedai, the ultimate source of knowledge and the best thing to rely on. Her opinion of the Tower is very high. Egwene has shown she may think the White Tower should "guide" Rand, and could use him better than he could on his own. One example is her belief that Rand takes the embassy from Tar Valon at face value despite the fact that Rand is more wary of them than any other. Her time spent as a Seanchan damane in Falme has caused her to have a deep hatred of them.

This makes her quite narrow-minded where Seanchan are concerned. She loathed the feeling of powerlessness the a'dam gave her. She is believed to think Seanchan deserve to be treated as Darkfriends, or perhaps even worse. Thoughts of her time in Falme can cause extreme panic, fear, and anger. The treatment she endured blinds her with rage whenever she encounters Seanchan. She is one of the strongest female channelers seen in over a thousand years. She has likely reached her potential, or at least very far along.

She also has exceptional ability with weaving Earth, as shown by her talent for Delving and detecting metal ores, and decent with Fire which is a very rare trait among women, giving her the ability to create cuendillar with immense speed and ease an ability which she incidentally was the one to rediscover. She also has strength in Spirit as evidenced by her ability to still an Aes Sedai holding the Source while she was only Accepted and her Dream-related Talents.

By her own admission, she is also very strong in Air and Water, which are usually favored by female channelers. She is very well rounded when compared to others in the tower. Having great ability in all five of the Powers is rare and seen in only a handful of Aes Sedai and Asha'man.

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Egwene is a very fast and dexterous channeler, she can split her flow fourteen ways, a feat declared unmatched by any other Aes Sedai, though some stronger than her as Nynaeve may well be capable of it. As with many very strong channelers Egwene has the so called "fast learner" Talent, in fact for her it is enough to see and study the forming of a weave only few times to memorize and learn how to reproduce it. The Aes Sedai of the White Tower have declared that there are no areas of the Power she needs training in. Egwene's sisters, all older, are Elisa, Alene, Loise, and Berowyn.

In The Wheel of Time Companion all the female relatives of Egwene are described with the capacity to learn to channel, many with a very good potential as Egwene herself. Though friends with all of them, she was particularly close with Rand, whom it was assumed she would marry when they both came of age. She also wished to become apprentice Wisdom to Nynaeve.

Winternight changed all that. When Trollocs invaded the Two Rivers region, Rand, Mat and Perrin were spirited away by Moiraine Sedai for their own protection; Egwene went with them, seeking "adventure". Moiraine had an agenda of her own: she had discovered that Egwene was born with the spark to channel ; it was Moiraine's intent to bring her to Tar Valon to train to become Aes Sedai ; when Nynaeve chased after them, Moiraine decided to include her as well, against Nynaeve's wishes. On the journey to Tar Valon via Caemlyn , Egwene and Perrin were separated from the rest of the party during a trolloc attack at Shadar Logoth.

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She was present when Perrin met Elyas Machera and learned of his ability to talk to wolves , and she is one of very few people who knows the truth of his golden eyes and occasional bouts of wolfish behavior. At his request, she has kept this secret. Not long after being accepted as a novice, she and Nynaeve were confronted by Liandrin , who told them that Rand was in danger, and she needed their help.

Elayne and Min overheard the conversation, and decided to leave with them. Elayne and Nynaeve managed to escape, but Egwene was made damane and renamed Tuli , while Min was simply captured. They met up with Moiraine and shortly thereafter, Elayne, Nynaeve and Egwene traveled back to Tar Valon in the company of Verin , taking Mat with them so he could be rid of the dagger from Shadar Logoth to which he was bound and which was killing him. Shortly after returning, Egwene was given the test to become Accepted , spending a remarkably short time as a novice.

Besides exploring this new facet of her life, Egwene and Nynaeve were charged with a top secret task by the Amyrlin herself: to hunt out the Black Ajah. Naturally, Elayne wanted to join in the quest, though she was not included in the task. While they had been away, Liandrin and twelve other Black sisters had fled the Tower after stealing many ter'angreal and killing a number of sisters and other Tower personnel. Mat rescued them from their imprisonment during the fall of the Stone of Tear, though Egwene had already managed to still Amico, the black sister guarding their cell in the World of Dreams.

Instead of thanking him for his assistance, they scoffed at him and marched away. Becoming an informal apprentice to the Wise Ones, she applied herself to learning from the Aiel women. Despite sometimes harsh training and rules that she chafed under, she learned much during her time with them, including taking to heart ji'e'toh , their code of honor. She then travels with Rand and the rest of the Aiel to Cairhien and the battle with the Shaido.

She was injured during the attack by Lanfear at the Docks as a result of Lanfear's rage against any woman with whom Rand had slept. They begin to regularly meet with each other and finally confess their love for each, sealing their relationship with stolen kisses. After she had fully recovered and was able to return to the World of Dreams, she was summoned by the Hall of the Tower in exile.

Before leaving, she admitted to the Wise Ones that she had visited the World of Dreams without their permission and also that she was not a full Aes Sedai. She then requested that they help her meet her toh , which she met with much ji. Egwene and Rand severed their romantic ties long ago, [12] and today Rand has his three lovers, and Egwene is enamored with Gawyn Trakand , Elayne's older brother. In reality, certain members of the Hall considered also her connection to the Dragon Reborn while others desired to use her as a puppet, and a scapegoat should their rebellion fail; as evidence, they used an unusual definition of Tower law to raise her directly from Accepted to Amyrlin Seat, which had the side effect of making her a full Aes Sedai with no formal Ajah affiliation.

Civilian Reader: Artwork: “Knife Sworn” by Mazarkis Williams (Jo Fletcher/Night Shade)

In the unusual election of Egwene it has to be considered also the influence of the Black Ajah , that favored every divisive action in both the factions of Aes Sedai. She was raised, basically only as a figure-head to be controlled by the Sitters, Romanda Cassin and Lelaine Akashi in particular. She has been slowly disabusing the Salidar Hall of the idea that she can be controlled, especially when she taught them Traveling , a Talent she had rediscovered with the help of Wise Ones who provided her with a similar weave upon which she could base Traveling and after questioning Moghedien to ensure it would work before she tried it.

She proved herself extremely intelligent and deft at manipulating the women who desired to manipulate her, indeed making them believe that they were succeeding and she could be controlled. So she circumvented the Hall again, secretly arranging to allow him to escape by having Siuan drug the warders and Aes Sedai that were guarding him.

Soon after, she is wearing the a'dam bracelet when Moghedien is released by a man who can channel. She briefly wonders if Logain did it, before realizing that it must have been one of the other Forsaken. Later Faolain and Theodrin pledge an oath of fealty to Egwene and promise to be loyal to her. She then demands both Myrelle and Nisao's oath of fealty as well, which they give. The blackmailing doesn't work and she sends the two away seriously reprimanded.

Egwene felt called to lead her sisters and army to war against Elaida, although she regrets the need deeply. Over the course of her reign, she tries her best to live by the three oaths despite the fact that she had not yet sworn on the Oath Rod. She proposes a lot of new changes to the Aes Sedai, including the idea that they should retire into the Kin.

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She has also opened the novice book for women of any age now, which has increased their number immensely. She managed to prove herself to be a competent Amyrlin considering the circumstances. Though, it has been speculated that she was the Amyrlin the pattern needed during the last battle as her actions and methods would have had little success during peacetime. As part of the Siege of Tar Valon , Egwene and Leane secretly row out to the two harbors of Tar Valon and turn their giant chains into cuendillar.

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However, they are captured, having been betrayed by someone from the Salidar Aes Sedai now known to be Beonin Marinye [18] Leane and Egwene are both drugged with forkroot, which temporarily makes them unable to channel. She notices that many among the Tower are at each other's throats and plans to exploit that from within, viewing herself as an agent rather than a prisoner.

Her refusal to treat the Tower Aes Sedai with the deference and courtesy expected of a novice leads to repeated corporal punishment, which she takes in stride. Meanwhile, she sows the seed of discord among the Aes Sedai, many of whom have already begun to question Elaida's leadership. Egwene's refusal to bend to Elaida gains her the respect of many of her Aes Sedai in the Tower, including Silviana Brehon , a Red, who as Mistress of Novices is responsible for Egwene's frequent beatings.

Egwene is required to attend Elaida at a formal dinner. She keeps silent during the dinner, which Elaida takes as servitude. Meidani is also present at the dinner and Egwene requests that she ask for private lessons with Egwene.


Watching the whole White Tower crumble causes Egwene pain, which she uses to put into perspective all the strappings she gets. Eventually, she begins to laugh at the pain, as the Aiel do. She feels the pain of division and discord among the Aes Sedai much more keenly. She is visiting Leane when a Bubble of evil erupts and nearly melts Leane with the entire cell. Leane is saved by her jailers Gelarna and Musarin. She then walks back to the Novice quarters when a warping of the Pattern swaps some of the Brown Ajah quarters with the Novice quarters.

Siuan continues to meet with Egwene in Tel'aran'rhiod , where she gives her the news of Halima actually being one of the Forsaken and Lelaine's reach for power while pretending to be acting in Egwene's name.