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  1. Wednesday, August 24, 2005
  2. The New Flesh Palladium
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Furthermore, Reich discovered the bions gave o f fa kind sf blue radiation, which he c d e d "Orgone E n e r e or " M e. H i s next project was to build an "Orgone Accumulator. The materials are arranged in layers with the orgamc or non-metallic material on the 'outside. The strength of the accumulator is based on the number of ;alternating layers of non-metallic and metallic materials.

In a large accumulator in which a person can sit, the outermost layer wodd be a rigid structure such as cebtex and the innermost layer would be sheet metal or wire mesh. The non-metallic material attracts the atmospheric 'orgone energy and tends to hold it, reflecting it slowly. The inorganic finaterial, the metal, dso attracts the energy but it lacks the absorptive!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

In other forms of energy, e. It also reminds one of the chamber in which EEphas 1m. Ir would certainly be the ideal surrounding for any sex rnagickal operation.

He found that it could also create rain from the clouds and in went to the Arizona desert where he successfully did cause it to rain after a long dry spell, After this, W. However, work with radioactive isotopes resulted in radiation poisoning and the experiment was abandoned. Aker this disappointment, Reich turned his attention to flying Saucers which he termed "Ea's" and carne to believe that D.

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However, for Reich, this was the beginning of the end. The Food and Drug Administration brought an injunction against him for selling orgone accumulators across state lines. The court ordered h t all materials dealing with the accumulator were to be destroyed, but many of Reich's other books which made no mention of the accumulator were burned also. On November 3, Reich died of a heart attack while s d l in prison. He is buried at Orgonon in a crypt that he designed.

In Reich demonstrated his Orgone Accumulator to Albert Einstein, but the experience did not seem to leave much of an impression. At this time W.

His slogan was: "Love, work, and knowledge are the wellsprings of our life. In fact, Reich began to see the world as being contaminated with Emotional Plague, a disease resulting from sexual repression. This is the destructive energy which represses sexuality and begets disease. It is to combat D. The Cloud Buster was a group of hoUow pipes, somewhat resembling a "ray gun" from a science fiction movie, on a turn table which could be rurned and pointed in any direction.

The New Flesh Palladium

The pipes were connected tto cables placed in a source of flowing water. These pipes were supposed to draw. In fact, rnosr Lovecraft scholars have been at pains to erect a bulwark of disbelief in anjrthing occult on their part or hvecraft's. It's a Iittle bit like trying to explain to the Pope that Jesus Christ didn?

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  8. That HPL heId these forces in great awe and terror, it requires only a brief perusal of any of his stories to ascertain, It seems reminiscent of the stories that were told of the New World subsequent to Europe's discovery and rape of that rnysrerious region. We know that Lovecraft was untrained and unprepared to deal with any kind of mns-mundane, supernormal experience, yet he was compelled to tecord these tales, w h i c h he claimed arose from dreams and reveries.

    Perhaps the proof is in the pudding, " 't success be thy proof," as Aleister Crowley would say. Since the Cthulhu Mythos was let loose upon the world it has been embraced wholeheartedly by occultists and magicians whose efforts have produced some fascinating results.

    In short, it works. By doing certain things certain resadts follow. Blavatskjr, founder of the Theosophical Society, often referred to the Akashic Records. These were ancient writings containing the great truths of life, preserved only on the astral plane, a realm that scientific rationalists will recognize as the imagination. And woe unto the artist who cannot obtain a visa to that wonderful land. Indeed, it is here that the veritable Necronomicon is to be found.

    Not on the shelves of the bookstore at the local shopping mall. These are places accessible only to magicians: Men and women who have sacrificed their cornfottabIe rationaI processes and secure material lives on the blood soaked altars of Yog Sothclth and the other dark gods that lie waiting on the very borders of consciousness itself. It is to these modern Fausts that Lovecraft's stories speak loudest and most directly, For these stories are practical manuals for those who have the strength to dream.

    And they have been proven to the Sttong Medicine in the hands of those philosophers who do not despise the higher worlds. As for the tight-lipped, pallid crirics of the old, grey land, who like to think of HPL's work as quaint tales of fancy. These critics might as well maintain that sex is n o fun and drugs don't open doorways in fact, many of these people maintain exactly that, by example.

    For those who would essay the journey into the worlds electric, aethyric and fluidic, situated beyond the frontiers of the material world, Lovecraft is a rnagickal Christopher Columbus. His strange, sometimes timid, but alwajrs intriguing explorations into the twilight lands and unknown places serve as signposts to those who are driven to follow.

    It is not for the smirking "rationalists," secure in their smug, mechanical little worlds, but for the bold dream-warriors that these d e s are written. A quiet walk down Prospect Street will convince any magician of that. What a delightfully mysterious book that was on first reading. It was like a jigsaw puzzle that had some of the pieces missing.

    However, it definitely m e t things about forbidden subjects and secret realities that o w mothers never told us about. It was the same with H. Every sentence hinted at some dark, hidden knowledge, not available through ordinary channels. As we have walked the magickal path, we have learned that this knowledge is the knowledge of Self, the primal atavisms that lurk deep beneath conscious levels where objectivity and subjectivity are as alike at two hails.

    We mention this forbidden quality in LovecraWs writings in an effort to expIain why this quiet, conservative recluse shodd have come to be identified with ritual sex rnagick and strange, ecstatic states of consciousness. HPL was a quiet child, not given to socializing with other children.

    Both his father and mother died in Butler Hospital for the Insane. He did not finish high school, being a sickly chid, and lived most of his life in extreme poverty. Althaugh he was married for a brief period in New York, he spent most of his life living in Providence with his aunts. His was an interior life, spent primarily writing letters and stories and dreaming those marvelous dreams. Perhaps he was simply too busy with those interior worlds to have much time for the daily life.

    NEW FLESH PALLADIUM 1st Signed Robert North Sex Magick Occult Aleister Crowley | eBay

    Within his interior worlds, HPL was more like some necromantic alchemist who had perished at the inquisitorial stake when the witchcraft trials were at their height? His vision was based on the fundamend knowledge that beings of another race came to Earth ' from a far distant star-system, several hundred million years before recorded history. That they came as interstellar pioneers to colonize. Earth and in so doing created the first protoplasmic life on Earth, I probably, at first, to serve them.

    At some point those Elder Gods lost their power over the Earth through their abuse af the magickal arts, calling up creatures of ultimate ; chaos from other dimensions. These Great Old Ones of cosmic evil were E. As Abdul Alhazred wrote: 'That is not dead which can eternal lie,And with strange aeons even death may die".

    Towards the beginning of the Pleistocene Age, the first civilizations of mankind - Hyperborea, Lemuria, Atlantis - began to flourish.

    Book: The New Flesh Palladium by Robert North

    These were ages when humankind existed as a fluidic, rnagickaI being, rhe Sons of the Sons of God Cain's children , only partially involved with material substance. Humanity cohabited the Earth with the Gods in a supra-physical ethedc smte that was the Golden Age. The great ice and subsequent melting of the polar ice-caps destrbyed the prehistoric civilizations, leaving strange architectures like Stanehenge and Easter Island and the legends of a are at flood that are preserved in cultures the world over, Same tribal groups survived the Ice Age and retained a fragmented tradition surviving in India, E g y p t ,the Andes and other remote places.

    These tribes also retained esoteric practices of dream-control, ritual and sacrifice through which they continue to exert an influence on modem humankind. Although people of our Post-Atlanta Epoch are mired in materialism, these ancient tribes have established contact with visionaries like Dr. John Dee, H.

    Blavatsky, Wiu? This includes not only dreams which occur during sleep, but vision; hallucinations and reveries which may impinge on waking consciousnesr These altered states take on a surreal, or sidereal, abstraction of tht senses establishing contact with the atavistic forces of the Great Ok Ones.

    Shamans and worshipers of andent cults throughout the world have experienced these dream states, inflamed by rhythmic breathing, mantra, ecstatic dancing, scarification and rites of perverse sexuality.