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Look over the explanations of the questions you missed and see if you understand them. Decide whether you need more review. After you have looked at your results, decide whether there are areas that you need to brush up on before taking the actual test.

Passing the Leadership Test Strategies for Success on the Leadership Licensure Exam

Go back to your textbooks and reference materials to see if the topics are covered there. You might also want to go over your questions with a friend, administrator, or instructor who is familiar with the subjects. Assess your readiness. Do you feel confident about your level of understanding in each of the areas? If not, where do you need more work? However, The School Leadership Series tests are continually evaluated and updated.

The School Leaders Licensure Assessment was designed by Educational Testing Service ETS to provide a thorough, fair, and carefully validated assessment for states to use as part of the licensure process for education leaders. It reflects the most current research and the professional judgement and experience of educators across the country.

Based on a national job analysis study, the assessment is also aligned with the ISLLC standards, which many states will use in developing state-specific standards for licensing and performance of education leaders. The School Leaders Licensure Assessment is part of a national testing program, meaning that the test covered in this study guide is required by more than one state for licensure.

The advantage of a national program is that if you want to move to another state, you can transfer your scores from one state to another.


However, each state has specific test requirements and passing scores. If you are applying for a license in another state, you will want to verify the appropriate test and passing score requirements.

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  • This information is available online at www. What is licensure? Licensure in any area—medicine, law, architecture, accounting, cosmetology—is an assurance to the public that the person holding the license possesses sufficient knowledge and skills to perform important occupational activities safely and effectively.

    In the case of education leader licensing, a license tells the public that the individual has met pre-defined competency standards for a beginning education leader.

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    Because a license makes such a serious claim about its holder, licensure tests are usually quite demanding. In some fields, licensure tests have more than one part and last for more than one day. Candidates for licensure in all fields plan intensive study as part of their professional preparation: some join study groups, others study alone. But preparing to take a licensure test is, in all cases, a professional activity. Because it assesses the entire body of knowledge for the field you are entering, preparing for a licensure exam takes planning, discipline, and sustained effort.

    The level of content knowledge, reflected in the passing score, is based on recommendations of panels of school administrators and administrator educators. The state licensing agency and, in some states, the state legislature ratify the passing scores that have been recommended by the panels.

    Education leaders around the country in various administrative positions were asked to judge which knowledge and skills a beginning education leader needs to possess. Professors in schools of education who prepare education leaders were asked the same questions. These responses were ranked in order of importance and sent out to hundreds of administrators for review.

    From their consensus, we developed guidelines, or specifications, for the multiple-choice and constructed-response tests. A committee of practicing leaders and leader educators wrote the specifications, which were reviewed and eventually approved by leaders. From the test specifications, groups of leaders and professional test developers created test questions that met content requirements and satisfied the ETS Standards for Quality and Fairness. For the test to be adopted in your state, leaders in your state must judge that it is valid. During the validity study, the panel also provides a passing-score recommendation.

    This process includes a rigorous review to determine how many of the test questions a beginning leader in that state would be able to answer correctly. Throughout the development process, practitioners in the educational leadership field—education leaders and leader educators—participated in defining what the School Leaders Licensure Assessment would cover and what score would be needed to achieve licensure.

    This practice is consistent with how professional licensure works in most fields: those who are already licensed oversee the licensing of new practitioners.


    When you pass the School Leaders Licensure Assessment, you and the practitioners in your state will have evidence that you have the knowledge and skills required for a beginning education leader. Purchase answer to see full attachment. Tutor Answer. Top Tutor henryprofessor. School: University of Virginia. Download Completed Work. Studypool has helped 1,, students.

    Thank you! Reasonably priced given the quality not just of the tutors but the moderators too. They were helpful and accommodating given my needs. Similar Questions. Light is the physical foundation of all creation and solar energy drives life processes, assignment help. Study Guide, algebra homework help.

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