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He would know his son, teach him and be a father to him. Now if he could just convince Abby to believe in him again After fleeing town for 8 years, he finally returns and learns that Abby's son is really his…and Abby hates him, or does she? I didn't particulary enjoy this one.

Cheryl St. John

Perhaps I've read too many romances in a row but I just didn't see anything interesting in the characters. The part of the story that seemed like something I wanted to read was glossed over in a few paragraphes.

Since then her stories have continued to receive awards and high acclaim. The Gunslinger's Bride.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gunslinger locations and how to duel in the Gunslingers quest

As he rides in, he notices a youngster with his eyes and hair color. When he learns that the kid belongs to Abby Watson his girlfriend from the past , Brock knows Jonathan is his. Brock insists that Abby let him have a part in Jonathan's life. Brock left town after he killed Abby's brother in self-defense.

Book Preview

However, Abby still mourns her brother's death and blames Brock. He starts a gentle wooing of Abby while inserting himself into Jonathan and her lives. What isn't obvious at first is that, during those 8 years, Brock became a gunslinger. Now he's skirted around other states while dropping his past identity. Brock thinks he has out-distanced his past.

Cheryl St. John - Wikipedia

But has he? The blurb on the back of the book didn't really sound interesting but I was desperate for something to read.

Gunslinger's Bride- Spoon,Dust,Needle,Flame

I'm glad I did. This is a very pleasant way to spend time. Earl H.

Eight years ago, Brock Kincaid had tried to put Abby--and her brother's senseless death--out of his mind. After all, a man whose livelihood was tied to the ivory-handled six-shooters at his hips couldn't allow emotions and memories to dull his senses.

The first Gunslinger location - Flaco Hernandez

But seeing her again had brought it all back: the passion, the hunger, the confusion. Nothing had changed, and yet, when he looked into the face of her child--everything had changed. Abby needed a man to match her fire, and he would be that man.